get all tied up in jewels

Neckstrings are simple, organic, easy to wear.  

They look wonderful layered and worn in multiples.

 My work is one-a-kind,  designed in the moment.  I can recreate a similar style, but it will always be a little different because of  gem uniqueness & natural variations, and that is a good thing. 

I continue  to explore  the best way to visually display my work online and  to how to demonstrate the flexibility of wearing a neckstring.  

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Keshi Pearl & Copper


one-of-a-kind designs ins​pir​ed 

by and made especially for  you

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pearl. Rosary Chain, assorted necklaces

dainty dozen

varied choker-length styles perfect for layering or wearing alone 

rosary and simple string styes

Copper & Pearl Necklace, Lariat

rio grande

  the lariat-style necklace 

is  available in different gem combinations

tie, wrap. loop


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If you have an interest in hosting a trunk show, please contact me, I love showing my designs.

Fabulous friends have supported me since the beginning of this journey by loving and wearing my designs and by hosting in-​home showings. This kindness and enthusiasm from my customers gives me the confidence to continue down this artistic path. Heartfelt thanks to all.

I love doing shows and  parties.  My designs have been found in the gift shop of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and on some of the most beautiful women I know.

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