I crochet with gemstones, high quality metals, and findings. Most designs are one of a kind and I often incorporate found and vintage items in my designs,  I  find inspiration from my family here in the West, but always look forward  to traveling to the Far East and beyond. I love yoga and stay strong enough to do a handstand and a shoulder stand as well as warrior, but always embrace child's pose!   I  love cats and am a  people person, passionate about making  jewelry. 
I spent my formative years in Southeast Asia but  got to Texas as fast as I could
Sowing wild oats in Austin I met my Texas gentleman, fell in love, moved to Houston and spent the next 15 years in the fashion industry as a buyer  national and local retailers.  I  married my cowboy, a sixth-generation Texan, and became mother to a seventh-generation Texan who was the initial inspiration for my jewelry and my most precious gem.  Her  love for buying and stringing beads led to our participation in school craft shows as Mother-Daughter-Design. Beads were upgraded to gems as she got older,  and I had to do something with all those gems when she lost interest,  so I started crocheting them because my grandmother had taught me how.  Neckstrings Jewelry was born and continues to evolve.
Neckstrings reflect a simplicity of the Far East and embrace  the West with  a bit of Texas charm. Lariat styled necklaces, leather wraps, chain, feather, thread, and fringe details are signatures of the collection.  My designs have been found in the gift shop of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, at upscale markets, and on some of the strongest & most beautiful women I know. 
Please Explore my website and  discover your own unique style.
I hope you find a design you love.    xoNan
Voyage Houston Interview (2018)