What is a Neckstring?
        Neckstrings are out of the ordinary ORIGINAL DESIGNS  handmade by me in Houston, Texas. They are versatile hand crocheted gemstone necklaces made with love, and attention to detail.  No two are exactly alike because of the natural variations in gemstones  + I hand select each element  as I conceptualized and interpret a  design. 
         Fluid like the Texas  Rivers they are named for Neckstrings are always changing course.  I love freshwater pearls, natural gems and stones, and upscale metals.  Spiritual pieces, connections of the body, mind, and spirit and  unique elements with energy often find their way into my designs. Necklaces,  bracelets and earrings are all made with the same attention to quality, balance and detail. 
How to wear a Neckstring 

        My open-ended lariat necklaces may be worn many different ways. Lengths given are approximate from tip to tip & You will enjoy having several different lengths in your collection. Cut a piece of string to the approximate length and play with it to get an idea of where your Lariat Neckstring will fall tied all the different ways. Experiment!

                                                        THE RIO

                        Wear it Looped Once for a  Long and Simple style

          Double it Like a Scarf  & Loop both ends through~ Shorter & Chunkier

                            Wrap It a few times as a Choker & then loop ends

                                             Wrap it Around your Wrist 

                                  Style it a new way and send me a photo!

                                                    THE PECOS
This style is a continuous loop which can be worn differently simply by where you choose to position the gemstones and charm elements. It can be wrapped 2-3 times depending on length, and while it self layers, can also be layered in and worn with your other favorite styles.  Some have clasps and others do not.
Storing your Jewelry
        Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed but not when you are swimming, gardening, sleeping, or exercising! The tips can get caught and you could get hurt so  take it off and hang it in the gym locker, or drape it over a lampshade at home. Instant art for the win!  Seriously, I do drape my personal collection on lampshades but I know that vibe isn’t for everyone so hang it on a jewelry rack or put it in the small ziplock bag with an inch sticking out to prevent tangles. 
I always include a bag.  
        TRAVEL with it in a  bag as well—just be sure to leave an inch or so out of the bag and “caught” in the ziplock so it keeps tangles away. Plastic bags also help keep jewelry dust free and clean and that is always a win.